LuichiNY Ladies Nite Over The Knee Boots

Oh yes it’s ladies night and the feeling’s right
Oh yes it’s ladies night, oh what a night, oh what a night!
Oh yes it’s ladies night and the feeling’s right
Oh yes it’s ladies night, ohhhh what a night!!

Every time I look at my LuichiNY Ladies Nite boots, I end up hearing that song in my head.


It’s always nice to have a throwback to Kool & The Gang every once in a while. Now onto the review of the boots…

Last week, I got conned – yes conned, manipulated, bamboozled – by a certain dazzler named Oli into ordering these boots. I’ll admit that it didn’t take a lot of convincing because they are beyond gorgeous.


Over the knee, genuine suede, back lace-up boots that are not slouchy on my calves and thighs? Maybe I need to send Oli a thank you note because I would have completely missed out on these had it not been for Shoedazzle!

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender

Shoe details:
Color: Deep Purple/Eggplant
Fit: Runs .5 to a full size small
Heel Height: 5.5 inches
Platform Height: 1 inch
Shaft Height: 20 inches

Forgive the quality of the pictures. I, unfortunately, have a crazy cold now so scheduling another photoshoot this past Sunday was out of the question but I wanted to make sure you guys saw these before they sold out online. I also wanted to try out other media options and I took these pictures with my new Iphone 6 Plus during my first try on session. I figured the quality isn’t so bad for my first go around with the phone but I think I’m going to stick to using my Canon when I can.

Before you head to Shoedazzle to place your order, please please please keep in mind that these do run small. I believe it’d be best to size up a full size, however, if you’re worried about going up a size and it being too big/loose around your calves and thighs then make sure you at least size up .5. I can’t stress this enough. If you fall in love and order your regular size and they don’t fit and then they sell out...weeeeeell -_-.

Also, here’s a quick outfit look in case you wanted to get a reference of where the boot would stop on you if you decided to wear a dress or a skirt with them. I’m 5’7′ for reference.

IMG_27401IMG_2853 IMG_2789 IMG_2756  IMG_2725



How to: Score a $150 bag for $10

Yes, you read the title correctly.

This week’s how to is dedicated to all of my shopping habits. More specifically, my “I may look like I’m balling with all of my clothes and accessories but in reality Sallie Mae owns me”. Sigh, the struggle of being a college graduate. Needless to say because my monthly shopping budget for clothes is very tight, I have learned how to stretch a little a long way…a very looooooooong way. Take this Audrey Brooke Leather bag for example:

IMG_0013 IMG_0014

This spacious bag is crafted from beautiful genuine leather that would normally retail for $149.95. However, I was able to snag a brand new one for just $9.94.


Ok, fine. So it was $10.80 after taxes.

And that’s my big secret as to how I was able to grow quite an extensive collection of items in my closet. Find the same items but just spend less o f my money on them. Now how do we do that?

How to shop better?
Step 1: Don’t sleep…ever. I’m not sure if it is a computer generated process or a person updating a website anywhere from 2:00 to 7:00 AM EST but the best deals that I have ever purchased have usually come about because I’m having a case of insomnia and awake window shopping on websites.
Step 2: Don’t leave your computer to get food or go to the rest room. Seriously, $10 for $150 satchel? I think I’ll hold it.
Step 3: If you have to waiver away from step 1 or 2 for any reason, have a dedicated partner that will pick up your shift. Our Bae’s and BFF’s have to be good for something, right?
Step 4: Have your credit card numbers memorized. You really shouldn’t have to be fumbling around with your wallet at 3:00 AM.
Step 5: Make sure you shop around all of the different categories on the website. You never know when something good maybe getting added.
Step 6: Make friends with me. In case you see anything in a size 10 pop up, you can call my cell or better yet just buy it for me. ;-)

In all honesty though, I usually get a lot of deals by just being lucky and having an amazing circle of shopping addicts that like to share their recent steals as well. So make sure to follow me on social media. Check the links below!



Farewell Summer!

Alas the end is near and it’s time to say goodbye to summer. With fall finally upon us, it’s time to pack away the open toe sandals and wedges and whip out the over the knee boots and stylish booties.

Before we do though, everyone at Candy Coated Closets headquarters figured we should send summer off in style! So here’s my end of summer look!




“Scandal” Clothing Line

Get ready Gladiators! The highly anticipated Scandal collection is set to arrive this Monday, September 23 at The Limited and we’re starting to get our first looks of the line. Click here to check out more of the line!

scandal-splash-large adco1-master495

What do you think gladiators? Is your wallet going to get Pope’d?



A Girls’ Night Out Clutch

During the work week, I’m your typically “bag lady” that carries around oversized shoulder bags and totes that can fit everything from my room and office in there. But I’ll be honest: when the weekend rolls around or I have a midweek date night, I’m usually tying my outfit together with one of the many tiny clutches that I have. Cue my new JustFab Mirage Clutch!

I picked out this clutch during one of my pre-birthday shopping events because of its very cool, casual vibe. I love how the snakeskin texture stands out against the gold trimming and Lucite top bow. Since it was date night, I finished my look with my Pave Perfection bracelet in Gold and designer essential glamour set from Yves Saint Laurent.


JustFab Mirage Clutch
Pave Perfection bracelet
Designer essential glamour set by Yves Saint Laurent – 5
00 point reward from Sephora



Shoedazzle + Barbie Giveaway Winner(s)

Congratulations to the grand prize winner of the Shoedazzle + Barbie giveaway – Instagram follower @Smizod! You have just won a $50 Forever21 giftcard, a $39.95 credit to and a MAC Cosmetics Pleasurebomb lipstick. It’s the perfect prize pack to style yourself as the Barbie girl!


I also decided to give away two $5 giftcards to followers Roxanne Oudie and Melissa Shoelover just for participating so congratulations as well ladies!

Don’t forget to stay tuned to my social platforms for more updates!


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JustFab Annual Brand Ambassador Event

I hope you all had a beautiful start to the new week! You might be able to feel the happiness that is seeping through my keyboard and onto your screen as you read this. Yes, happiness waves!

I had an amazing weekend and I couldn’t wait to come back and share with you guys. So prepare yourself for a picture heavy post.

As a brand ambassador, I have the opportunity to work exclusively with brands on their social media and marketing teams in an effort to reinvigorate the brand and make it relevant and exciting to targeted consumers. In order to do that effectively, it is a necessity that you have a thorough knowledge and passion for the brands that you’re representing. So it should come as no surprise that I represent some of the best shoe companies and shoe clubs in the world.

This weekend, JustFab held it’s annual Brand Ambassador event in New York City. Ambassador’s from all over the world traveled to the city that never sleeps and it was nothing short of amazing. The event started Friday night with a Meet & Greet at La Biblioteca. There were cocktails, appetizers, tons of laughs and of course great fashion shoes.

The next day, everyone met up in Soho for a fun afternoon of team building activities. The Ambassadors were given a challenge to go out in the city and style an outfit for a mystery shoe. However, the catch was that each team was only given $40 to spend to create a stylish outfit with as many pieces as possible. That may sound like a challenge to some but being in New York, my team was able to put together two outfits with tons of accessories and still have change left over!

Once the challenge was completed, we all headed over to Dashing Divas for manicures and pedicures with a catered lunch by Cosi and drinks from Skinny Girl Cocktails!

IMG_9724    IMG_9736  IMG_9738IMG_9794IMG_9801IMG_9830IMG_98421

I wish you were all there to join me but I did manage to bring some goodies back for a few special readers…


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